Break the Chains 

of Chronic Pain: 

Reclaim Your Body, 

Reclaim Your Life.

{FREE} 3 Day LIVE Experience

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Learn how to break the cycle of chronic pain so you can reduce pain levels by 50% & 2x your movement capacity regardless of how many practitioners you've seen or programs you've tried


Breaking the Cycle of Pain

Day 1 is the day you break the vicious cycle of pain (don't know what that is? See below!), and question everything you thought was required for healing.

What if healing your pain looked nothing like you expected?

You will also establish the nervous system safety required to reclaim your body back from pain.


Reclaim Your Body Back from Pain

Pain ruptures the connection you have with your body.  Without it, healing cannot happen.

Today, we reclaim this connection.

Pain will no longer get to dictate your life once you've gone through this process (but no - It doesn't mean we ignore/push through pain, either!)


3 Vital Elements to Reclaiming your Life

Day 2 created a deep connection to your body.  Day 3 is your reclamation of your life.

You will embark on healing from within by integrating in these 3 vital components.  All 3 are necessary for forward momentum.  

If you've been doing "all the right things" but still feel stuck, chances are, you are missing one or more of these elements.

You'll go from resentment of & fighting your body - to understanding the innate wisdom that hold the answers for healing your chronic pain...


If You're Experiencing ANY of the following problems, then this 3 Day Experience is for designed for YOU!


checkmark for Andrea (1) You've had chronic pain for >6 months (and likely years).  What pain will benefit?

    • ➡️low back pain, neck pain, hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain....and any other joint or body part specific type of pain
      ➡️pelvic floor pain, pain with sex, vulvodynia or other conditions
    • ➡️migraines, headaches, post-concussive syndrome
    • ➡️fibromyalgia, CRPS, TMS, chronic fatigue syndrome
    • ➡️Chronic illnesses or autoimmune conditions causing pain, fatigue or other aggravating symptoms

checkmark for Andrea (1) You spend >2 hours every week doom-googling something about your pain

checkmark for Andrea (1) You have a long list of precious or fun moments you've missed out on because of your pain

checkmark for Andrea (1) Even in moments of no (or reduced) pain, you can't enjoy a lazy afternoon or dinner with friends, because pain is still taking up valuable brain space.

checkmark for Andrea (1) You have SO MANY great ideas for your business, or for creative pursuits, but can never execture them cause - well, pain.

checkmark for Andrea (1) You have a long list of failed treatment attempts or random diagnoses that have gotten you nowhere

checkmark for Andrea (1) You just want to be able to workout, get out in nature or go on spontaneous road trips without  worrying about how your pain will react

checkmark for Andrea (1) You blame yourself for somehow causing your pain (“I wouldn’t have pain if I….” or “I’d be better by now if I could just work harder…”)

checkmark for Andrea (1) You find yourself trying to make up for having pain - you work harder to prove yourself & your worth to others both at work, and at home